Why Mwea Classic Marathon?

For an African youth, all days are the same and without motivation he wonders what his mission in life is.


Why run the Marathon?

Inspiring  a Generation.

To make a difference, the Mwea classic marathon was inaugurated on 12th September, 2009 at Mwea Boys secondary school. The main objective of the event is to empower the youth to enable them make their rightful share of contribution to the society. The challenges that face youth in the world today are drug abuse and alcoholism and in the long run, they become a problem to the entire society. In this regard, the patron of the Mwea classic marathon made it an annual event to give youths from various locations an opportunity to participate in the event . There is hope for the world and the young are part of it. Last year the event attracted over 1800 runners for 10km and 21km respectively. About 400 youths from various locations in Mwea Constituency participated including 1200 secondary schools.

The 2018 Edition

Mwea Classic Marathon 8th Edition.

The 8th edition of Mwea Classic Marathon will be on 21st July 2018 at the Mwea Stadium. If you thought that running is only for the young, then you thought wrong, meet a 60 year old ‘young athlete’ who is a good example of the saying that age is just a number. For many individuals who
participate in sports, they do so for the money, but for the Urban Swaras club, they run for passion, for physical fitness and to give back to the society through charity. And while at it, get to learn what the technical manager of the MCM does to make it a success.  Run a marathon and let’s empower the leaders of tomorrow; the youth.

Our Objectives

The Intended Goal.

The main objective of the marathon is to empower the youth to enable them make their rightful share of contribution to the society, to encourage the youth to participate in more productive activities, and shun illicit brew and criminal activities. The marathon therefore encourages youth from the various Mwea sub-locations to participate in the marathon and to continue running through the formation of running clubs. The other objective is Education. It was a pity to realize that since 1971 there had never been good results in the schools in Mwea. This led to the professionals in the area to organize this event with a focus on Education. Since the inauguration of the marathon in the year 2009, Mwea has had a record of good results where we have seen many students getting admission to public universities.

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